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GPS Winter Program
Posted Oct 21, 2019

Hello GPS and ASC Families, 

GPS Iowa is excited to announce the Winter Program starting in early November.  The Winter program is being presented in two parts:

1. Winter Technical Training: This is the training portion of the winter program, run by GPS Iowa. 

2. Futsal League:  This is the "games" portion of the Winter Program, run in partnership with Brick House Fitness.  They are 2 separate events with two separate sign-ups.   

As an example:  A 14U Girl player would train on Thursday nights from 7:30-8:30 and play her games on Sunday afternoons.  Schedules for games will solidify after registration is complete.  

This is a brand new program this year and offers our players significantly more gym time and space than in the past. 


Winter Technical Training

The Winter Technical Training session will be an opportunity for players to continue their soccer development during the winter months and will be conducted in two 8-week sessions. The program will follow a fast based, exciting curriculum that maximizes ball manipulation in a high energy environment. Players will hone and increase their individual technical skills and take part in small-sided games. The small-sided games will be played with a weighted ball and designed to put a premium on quick passing and decision making. All sessions will be conducted by the GPS licensed, professional coaching staff.

Each 55-minute time slot will have a maximum amount of player slots open per age group. In the event it is determined there are not enough players at any given age bracket, that time period will be opened up to the other age brackets.

Session 1 Deadline: 11/10/19

This is the training portion of the Winter Program.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.



    The game, popular in Brazil, Spain in Portugal, is excellent for developing technical precision and promotes creativity in 1v1 situations. Its fast-paced nature and quick restarts ensure the ball is in play more than typical indoor leagues with studies showing players receive the ball 6x more than in an outdoor game.

    5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Futsal

    1. Futsal is a great skill developer - The game demands quick reflexes, fast-thinking, and pinpoint passing. Futsal uses a smaller, heavier, low bounce ball. Ground control and first touch are essential to success in the game. The game is played on a hard court so the ball travels much faster than on grass.
    2. Futsal is the foundation of Superstars - Many of soccer's greatest players like Messi, Pele, Ronaldo, Iniesta, and Neymar all grew up playing futsal and credit futsal with developing their skills. US Soccer now requires all Development Academy players to play futsal in the offseason.
    3. Futsal is more technical less physical - Futsal rules encourage technical play and do not permit the aggressive physical play that soccer allows.
    4. Futsal has more of everything that kids love - More shooting, more goals, more action! Players rotate positions throughout the game, so every player is 100% involved in every game.
    5. Futsal is not soccer - The rules are different, the court is different, the ball is different. Players get a break from outdoor soccer, while still enhancing their soccer skills.

    10U/12U/14U: Players will sign up individually and the GPS staff will roster teams to ensure good competition across all teams.

    High School-Aged players: Sign up as a team. Maximum 10 players.

    Session 1: Nov 3 - Dec 15 (6 weeks - no Thanksgiving week)
    Session 2: Jan 12 - Feb 16 (6 weeks)
    One game per week (no practices)

    $60 per person per session or $100 for both (includes T-shirt)
    U10 coed
    U12 & U14 we have boy/girl divisions
    25 min running clock games




    GPS Juniors is a fun, exciting introduction to the game of soccer. Our qualified coaches teach the fundamentals of soccer using an energetic curriculum that has been tailored for working with ages 3 - 7 years old.

    Our curriculum also facilitates the development of motor and coordination skills. Sessions will be divided by age group to ensure all kids are working with similar skill level players.

    2019/20 Winter Tournament Opportunities

    These are opportunities to play in additional tournaments this winter. Teams will only be registered when we have enough players that have indicated they will participate. This page will be updated weekly as new opportunities present themselves. All tournament fees will be collected prior to the tournament.


    Date Event Location Team $ Ages Sign Up Deadline
    11/22-11/24 Skywalk Futsal Classic Hy-Vee Hall, Des Moines, Iowa $475 9U-19U 6-Nov
    12/6-12/8 Challenger Season Finale & Showcase, Overland Park, KS $700 10U-19U 30-Oct
    12/21 Super Sixes-Boys TBK-Bettendorf $395 9U-19U 8-Dec
    12/22 Super Sixes-Girls TBK-Bettendorf $395 9U-19U 8-Dec
    1/4-1/5 Iowa Indoor Champs-Girls Unidome $450 11U-16U 3-Nov
    1/24-1/26 Iowa Games Five Flags, Dubuque $450 10U-19U 31-Dec
    1/24-1/26 Winter Indoor College Showcase Girls TBK-Bettendorf $1,195 15U-19U
    1/31-2/1 Sporting Iowa Girls Winter Cup (5v5) Des Moines U9-U16 31-Dec
    2/1-2/2 Iowa Indoor Champs-Boys Unidome $450 11U-16U 3-Nov
    2/7-2/9 Winter Indoor College Showcase Boys TBK-Bettendorf $1,195 15U-19U
    2/21-2/23 ELITE 120 COLLEGE SHOWCASE Overland Park, KS $795 13U-19U 15-Jan
    2/28-2/29 Sporting Iowa Boys Winter Cup (5v5) Des Moines U9-U16 31-Jan
    3/21 UofI Youth Soccer Fest-Boys Iowa City $385 9U-14U 31-Jan
    3/22 UofI Youth Soccer Fest-Girls Iowa City $385 9U-14U 31-Jan